Lionhead hit with layoffs

 Lionhead hit with layoffs

It’s a shame that the game industry is so rife with layoffs, particularly when layoffs can often be the result of a large project that simply did not get good sales. This cycle repeats every year, even to seemingly indestructible studios. This time, it’s Fable: The Journey developer Lionhead that’s losing employees.

Microsoft claims that the layoffs will only comprise less than 10 percent of the overall staff at the studio. Still, that does mean that people will be losing their jobs. It does seem that the lukewarm reception to Fable: the Journey may be to blame, as the game released to little fanfare. Microsoft says that the layoffs are customary to newborn projects needing fewer staff.

Things might not be all bad, however; Microsoft claims that the affected parties are being considered for other positions within Microsoft. Several areas within the company, says Microsoft, are hiring and may be accepting staff members laid off from Lionhead. Here’s hoping that all of the employees that lose their jobs can find positions within the company.

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