Explore ‘Far Cry 3’ with this 14 minute demo

 Explore ‘Far Cry 3’ with this 14 minute demo

Far Cry 3 may still be over a month away, but the PR cycle is in full swing. The latest demo comes our way via a fourteen minute long video, narrated by the lead game designer and level design director, which shows off the open-world nature of the game. See the action for yourself below.

The duo explain details regarding enemy control of zones, the crafting system, and the stealth mechanics. There’s even a bear or two thrown in for good measure. Be sure to keep an eye out for Far Cry 3 in late November or early December, depending on your region.

What do you think of Far Cry 3 so far? Speak your mind below or in the Stick Skills forums.

Source: GameSpot

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