‘Forza Horizon’ to receive ‘Rally Expansion’

 ‘Forza Horizon’ to receive ‘Rally Expansion’

Six days from the launch of the Xbox 360 exclusive racing game Forza Horizon, Microsoft and Playground Games have announced a new DLC pack.

Looking to give players an “authentic rally racing experience on the roughest untamed roads of Colorado,” the “Forza Horizon Rally Expansion” promises gravity-defying jumps, deeper ruts, and brand new surfaces and environments. The expansion will also include new races, cars, and achievements, and it can all be yours on December 18 in exchange for 1,600 Microsoft points.

As most games with DLC tend to these days, Forza Horizon has a season pass available for purchase. The “Rally Expansion” is the first DLC announced beyond car packs, though those packs are nothing to sneeze at either. In the Month One Car Pack, for instance, players will receive a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and Alfa Romeo, and more. Each monthly car pack costs 400 Microsoft points, while the season pass costs 4,000 Microsoft points.

For more details on Forza Horizon’s DLC and season pass, check out the game’s website.

Forza’s latest edition looks to stray away from its predecessors, hoping to be seen as more of a racing game than a racing sim. With the critical acclaim the past games have received as “racing sims,” it will be interesting to see how fans like the new approach.

Forza Horizon will be available October 23 for Xbox 360. The demo is now available for those still on the fence about the upcoming game.

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