‘Halo 4’ pirates perma-banned from Xbox Live

 ‘Halo 4’ pirates perma-banned from Xbox Live

It’s happened multiple times, and it’s happened again, showing that no one seems to be learning that you don’t mess with Microsoft. A handful of Xbox Live players that obtained illegal copies of the game and played it online have received permanent bans from Microsoft’s online service.

As always, the pirates woke up one morning to be greeted with this warm, inviting email. As you can see, these users will be forever banned from using Xbox Live. Of course, the questions stands as to whether the users can just get a new account, but a friend of mine did this same thing a few years ago and he hasn’t figured out how to get back on.

Remember, patience is a virtue. Consider whether it’s worth being banned for life to play a new game a couple of weeks early. Halo 4 is on the horizon: On November 6, less than a month to play, it’ll be all yours. Excited? Tell us below, or profess your Halo love in the forums!

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