Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Insane’ is dead but not buried

 Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Insane’ is dead but not buried

It seems like forever ago when THQ, deep in the throes of near financial ruin, chose to drop the survival horror trilogy Insane, which was set to be produced by popular Spanish horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and developed by Volition (Saints Row: the Third). Sadly, as part of their plan to stick with core projects to rejuvenate finances, THQ handed the series back to del Toro. He’s not done yet.

Del Toro did not offer much at New York Comic Con, other than to state that he refuses to abandon the “truly beautiful” project. He intends to continue to shop the trilogy around, citing Valve as his first choice and praising the developer for theĀ Left 4 Dead and Portal games being a big part of his household.

A Valve-developed Guillermo del Toro horror trilogy would be awesome. Agree? Sound off in the comments, or visit the forums!

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