Official Trophy list for ‘Dishonored’


Man, Dishonored is rad. I haven’t felt this badass playing a game in a long time. Feel like a badass champion with the associated trophies, as well; completing the various open-ended tasks in the game lead to the trophies and the envy of your friends. The game is already out as of this past Tuesday, and you can expect a review as soon as the game is finished. As always, this list is brought to you by the stealthy folks over at PS3 Trophies.

  • Platinum Blades and Dark Corners
    You have mastered the City of Dunwall and unlocked all Trophies
  • Thief
    You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins
  • Versatile
    You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget
  • Ghost
    You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets
  • Shadow
    You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone
  • Mostly Flesh and Steel
    You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink
  • Wall of Sparks
    You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light
  • Rogue
    You assassinated 10 unaware enemies
  • Specter
    After escaping prison, you completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people
  • Faceless
    After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone
  • Manipulator
    You made others kill 5 of their own allies
  • Razor Rain
    You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination
  • Surgical
    You played from the first mission through Kaldwin’s Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters
  • Clean Hands
    You completed the game without killing anyone
  • Harm’s Way
    You caused 5 unintentional suicides
  • Inhabitant
    You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period
  • Hornets’ Nest
    You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow
  • Speed of Darkness
    You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second
  • Tempest
    You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second
  • Merchant of Disorder
    You acquired 15 equipment upgrades
  • Art Dealer
    You collected all the Sokolov paintings
  • Occultist
    You collected 10 bone charms
  • The Escapist
    After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map
  • Cleaner
    You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived
  • Dishonored
    You escaped Coldridge Prison
  • Excommunication
    You eliminated High Overseer Campbell
  • Child Care
    You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne
  • Capturing Genius and Madness
    You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician
  • Regicide
    You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows
  • Political Suicide
    You brought about the Lord Regent’s fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes
  • This is Mine
    You recovered your belongings
  • Resolution
    You completed the game
  • Back Home
    You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker
  • Big Boy
    You killed a tallboy using only your sword
  • Dunwall in Chaos
    You completed the game in high chaos
  • Just Dark Enough
    You completed the game in low chaos
  • Vanished
    You escaped prison and navigated the sewers undetected
  • Gentleman Caller
    You completed all the Granny Rags side missions
  • Street Conspiracy
    You completed all the Slackjaw side missions
  • The Art of the Steal
    You got the Art Dealer’s safe combination for Slackjaw, but robbed the safe first
  • An Unfortunate Accident
    You killed Morgan Pendleton with steam
  • Well Mannered
    You completed the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party
  • King of the World
    You reached the top of Kaldwin’s Bridge
  • Bodyguard
    You protected Callista’s uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow
  • Mercy is the Mark
    You spared Daud’s life
  • Lights Out
    You deactivated at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island
  • Long Live the Empress
    You saved Empress Emily Kaldwin
  • Poetic Justice
    You neutralized all key targets using indirect means
  • Food Chain
    You completed an assassination.
  • Alive Without Breath
    You took possession of a fish
  • Creepy Crawly
    You used a rat tunnel

Have you played the game yet? How are things different in yours? Tell us in the forums!

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