‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ to support full 1080p

 ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ to support full 1080p

Nintendo has confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. U, one of the Wii U’s most hotly anticipated titles, will run in full, glori0us 1080p.

“Experience Mario like never before… in full 1080p HD, only on the Wii U console!” the game’s official site reads.

The platformer has only been shown in 720p at recent events, and comments from Nintendo in the past have led people to believe that all of the launch games for the Wii U wouldn’t support 1080p. However, it seems like the full capabilities of the console will be on display at launch.

Expect an HD Mario when the Wii U hits North America November 18.

Are you excited to see an even prettier plumber? Does the game’s look even matter to you? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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