‘League of Legends’ season two World Playoffs taking place today

 ‘League of Legends’ season two World Playoffs taking place today

Thanks to some technical difficulties, the League of Legends season two World Playoffs that were supposed to be concluded last week were pushed to an unknown, later date. Well, that rescheduled date is officially “known.”

The highly skilled, barely social rulers of Summoner’s Rift will now battle it out today, starting at 5:00pm Pacific. For those of you familiar with the teams, here’s how all the action’s going to go down:

  • Match 1 – Team WE vs. Counter Logic Gaming EU quarterfinal match
  • Match 2 – M5.BenQ vs. Taipei Assassins semifinal match
  • Match 3 – Azubu Frost vs. the winner of the Match

All the matches taking place in the Galen Center will be free to watch on either Twitch.TV or Own3D, so all of you Riot Games fans should probably clear the schedule tonight and get comfy.

Do you play much League of Legends? Did you attempt to watch the matches that were canceled last Saturday? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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