Join our Battlefield 3 Community Playdate

 Join our Battlefield 3 Community Playdate

When it comes to shooters, it’s tough to find one as enjoyable and expansive as Battlefield 3. To celebrate our love for the game, we’re hosting an official Xbox Live Community Playdate this Friday, October 12.

We’ve received a ton of responses for people wanting to play with us and we’re trying to make it as convenient as possible to join us. You’re able to sign-up in our forums by posting your gamertag along with the modes and maps that you want to play.

Our staff will be hosting two servers, of which we’ll reveal the names shortly, and inviting users in once we go live. One server will contain various DLC, while the other server will play only standard maps. Making sure that you RSVP via our forums is the best way to ensure that you receive an invite this Friday night. We’ll be doing our best to get everyone in, and our staff will be spread throughout both servers.

Two lucky contestants will win 1600 Microsoft Points, a winner from each server, and we’ll also be giving away a mystery prize to an additional contestant as well. How can you win? Don’t flame, do cool stuff, and help our community enjoy this fantastic community event that we have planned to help increase your chances.

For the mystery prize, a great way to increase your chances will be to record a bit of gameplay footage or capture a few screenshots from the event and post it in our forums.  We’ll allow 2-3 days to announce the winner of the “mystery” prize which gives you enough time to upload your footage. We’re not looking for fancy editing skills here, just footage or images of someone who enjoyed the game. Once we’ve seen a handful of entries, we’ll give out the “mystery” prize.

Anxious to know what that prize is? Don’t worry, we’ll reveal it this Thursday night via our Twitter account.

We’re excited to play Battlefield 3 with everyone this weekend, and we hope you’re just as excited. Feel free to leave any suggestions you have for the event in our forums, and we’ll gladly take them into consideration!

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