Gearbox: ‘Borderlands 2’ bugs not related to update, DLC

 Gearbox: ‘Borderlands 2’ bugs not related to update, DLC

A large group of players across both the Giant Bomb forums and the official Gearbox boards were reporting bugs yesterday after Borderlands 2 saw its first bit of DLC, but according to the developer, the updates have nothing to do with the problems.

Avid players of the loot-driven, open-world RPG became vocal once Badass ranks, skins, heads, golden keys, and even character saves began to disappear after downloading the Mechromancer character. Yet, Gearbox Community Manager Chris Faylor believes the timing is just a coincidence.

“The good news is that the release of Mechromancer and today’s update are not connected to the occurrences of Badass Rank being reset,” Faylor wrote on the official forums. “While the timing may appear coincidental, it’s a separate issue that we are continuing to investigate.”

There’s much more to the issue than just losing Badass Rank, however, so any other problems should be emailed to Gearbox. Make sure to write a full description of the incident.

Did you lose any progress yesterday? If not, how are you enjoying the new content? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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