UPDATE: Gearbox Software has a “big surprise” coming soon

 UPDATE: Gearbox Software has a “big surprise” coming soon

UPDATE: What was the surprise? The Mechromancer will be available later today. That’s right, be happy.

ORIGINAL STORY: There seems to be two things that just about everyone in the world loves: Surprises, and Gearbox Software’s recently released Borderlands 2.

This post is possibly about the latter, as the president of the powerhouse developer, Randy Pitchford, has just tweeted something that should excited any gamer craving more loot.

Most likely, this is something related to Borderlands 2. It could be DLC or something of the sort, but we’ll just have to wait and watch Twitter over the next day to see what happens. A new Duke Nu… nah, let’s think positive thoughts.

Stay posted, as we’ll provide more information soon.

What do you think this “surprise” is? What are your hopes and dreams for Gearbox? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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