PlayStation 3 gets crazy special edition, gold controller included

 PlayStation 3 gets crazy special edition, gold controller included

You know what we’ve been lacking throughout this entire generation of consoles? Bling.

Think about it: Why don’t we have anything gold in our hands while running amok in the crime-infested streets of Yakuza 5? Thankfully, I’m not alone in this thought, but only Japan will be seeing these two unique PlayStation 3 models.

The first is a console inspired by Yakuza 5, which is one of the most anticipated titles coming to Japan this year. This “Emblem Edition” will feature gold emblems of the crime families in the game around the edges of a 250GB system, as well as a nifty gold controller. A special USB drive will also be in the box when this console hits Japanese retailers on December 6.

That’s not all, though. A Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 “Legend Edition” with white character art smeared across the jet-black console is also coming. A controller with some mostly unsightly white dots will also be included in this edition, which drops December 20. It’s gross looking, so you should just get the gold one.

I know, you’re probably not going to fly to Japan to buy these. But, do you want a gold controller? Maybe just to hang around your neck and show off to anyone willing to look? Let us know in the comments below!

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