‘NBA 2K13’ ‘All-Star DLC’ content seeing issues on Xbox 360

 ‘NBA 2K13’ ‘All-Star DLC’ content seeing issues on Xbox 360

Today is a rather happy day for fans of the NBA and basketball in general.  2K Sports has released NBA 2K13 and sick days are being used all over the world as fans begin to embark in their journeys within the game.

While there’s a good bit to be happy about, owners of the game on the Xbox 360 are running into a bit of an issue today.  While trying to redeem the ‘All-Star’ downloadable content for NBA 2K13, Xbox 360 owners are receiving an invalid code message.

Don’t worry, as 2K Sports has been in direct communication with Microsoft to resolve the issue.  Ronnie 2K tweeted earlier that Microsoft is looking to have the issue resolved “ASAP”.  We’re fully expecting this situation to be resolved by later today, or tomorrow morning at the absolute latest.

What do you think so far of NBA 2K13?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2K13 in our forums.

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