‘Star Wars: First Assault’ for XBLA outed by leaked boxart

 ‘Star Wars: First Assault’ for XBLA outed by leaked boxart

Those keen eyed users of the ever popular NeoGAF message board have been digging around Xbox.com and found a few boxart images for upcoming XBLA games. The interesting part is that some of those games haven’t even been announced yet, including a new Star Wars game. Star Wars: First Assault is the title of this mysterious game and that’s about all we know. The game’s existence is backed up by the fact Lucasarts registered trademarks and domains for it not too long ago.

The boxart itself brings to mind the Battlefront franchise, which were extremely popular on the last generation of consoles and PC. Unfortunately due to various changes at Lucasarts a plans for a Battlefront 3 have been cancelled multiple times. Pure speculation at this point but it’s not hard to imagine Lucasarts following in the footsteps of EA & DICE who put out a stripped down Battlefield on XBLA in the shape of Battlefield 1943.

What do you think First Assault could be? Are you excited to see Star Wars come to XBLA? Let us know in the comments below.

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