UPDATE: ‘Borderlands 3’ is not being worked on



Released a couple weeks ago and planned DLC on the way, what’s next for Gearbox Software? Other than Aliens: Colonial Marines and whatever Furious Four became, not a whole lot. But Lead Writer Anthony Burch was talking on the Totally Rad Show, he mentioned that ideas were being brainstormed for Borderlands 3. So there you have it, that game might exist in the near future. That’s all that’s been said on the matter.

Who knows what they could add to this next installment other than more gun. Flying vehicles? More midgets? New classes? Time will tell but we’ll figure that out in the near future.

What would you want out of a third game in this series? Let us know in the comments or post your thoughts in great detail on our forums.


Whelp, can’t get a much better answer to the rumor than this.

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