Over 10 percent of connected 360s have ‘Minecraft’

 Over 10 percent of connected 360s have ‘Minecraft’

It’s no surprise to anyone nowadays that Minecraft is popular, but when you break down a few sales numbers, the success is staggering. 4J Studios, the developer behind the 360 port of Minecraft, recently announced that the port alone has sold over 4 million copies. Considering the number of Xbox Live members has been floating around 40 million, this is no small task.

And, in case you haven’t bought into the phenomenon yet, Minecraft can now be purchased via pre-paid cards at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target stores. They cost $26.95, and are only available in North America so far.

What do you think of Mojang’s latest success? Let us know below or in the Stick Skills forums.

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