The Flood will not make an appearance in ‘Halo 4’s’ campaign

 The Flood will not make an appearance in ‘Halo 4’s’ campaign

With the release of a sizable batch of screenshots, 343 Industries opened the floodgates surrounding the situation with the rather polarizing Flood infestation. Included in the slew of images were some flood-infested Spartans which many took as a sign of their return, despite the truth being the polar opposite.

Mostly at fault are other gaming websites for using misleading titles in an effort to gain more hits. “…we’ve said repeatedly that Flood [aren’t] in [the] campaign,” tweeted Spartan Ops designer, David Ellis as other journalists began to raise their concerns.

The Spartans we saw in that screenshot are part of a new gametype called “Flood” which is basically Infection where two alpha zombies attempt to infect the remaining players.

So if you’re a fan of the franchise and happened to be one of those who’ve jumped to conclusions, you can calm down. Humans, the Covenant, and the Prometheans, that’s what you can expect to see in Halo 4.

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