‘Saints Row: the Third–the Full Package’ releases November 6, has everything


THQ announced earlier this week that their hot-selling open-world game Saints Row: The Third will be released once again with every single bit of DLC for every major platform on November 6.

Dubbed The Full Package (because what else would they call it? I first received the news via an email from THQ that announced “Check out our Full Package!”), the definitive edition of Volition’s ludicrous action game will include all of the weapon, costume, and mission packs released thus far. That includes those more out-there ones such as “Witches and Wieners” and that one that lets you play as Penthouse girls.

Of course, the value of this really depends on how much of the DLC you’ve purchased thus far. If, like me, you’ve invested in nearly all of it, you won’t be saving at all. However, if you’ve been waiting to get in on the game, November 6 is the perfect time to do so. Will you be picking it up? Tell us in the comments!

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