‘Project Eternity’ Kickstarter breaks $2 million

 ‘Project Eternity’ Kickstarter breaks $2 million

After a stellar opening day, Obsidian’s Kickstarter for the upcoming RPG Project Eternity met the goal of $1.1 million. Soon after this, the developer upped the ante, providing a slew of new goals, leading up to an impressive $2.2 million. Now, with twenty days still left to go, Obsidian has raised over $2 million. Since the initial announcement of the stretch goals, French, German, and Spanish translations have been added to the $2.2 million mark, and at $2.3 million new modes will be added to the game.

Those looking to buy in still have plenty of options with a wide range of prices, and more rewards are being made as we speak. If you haven’t thrown some money into the ever growing pile, do these updates serve as incentive? Let us know below or in the Stick Skills forums.

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