‘Joe Danger 2: The Movie’ coming to PSN with extra content

 ‘Joe Danger 2: The Movie’ coming to PSN with extra content

Joe Danger 2: The Movie came out just short of 2 weeks ago and we liked it a lot. But since the series originated on PSN in 2010, is this sequel coming to those shores? Oh you better believe Joe Danger’s stunt pants it is. Hello Games announced on The Playstation Blog that we’ll learn more details soon about its release.

But they did offer a bit of a tease, promising 10 hours of exclusive content for the PSN version. Who knows what kind of content it will be, maybe some form of content from the special edition on XBLA or something more? Hello Games haven’t said but we’ll keep our ears to the jetpacks in case of any news. No release date set but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait after this.

Did you miss out on this game on XBLA? Going to pick it up on PSN? Or attach a jetpack and act out this scene from Arrested Development? Let us know in the comments or post your favourite scene from Hot Rod in our forums.

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