‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ demo now on Steam

 ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ demo now on Steam

When you think of playing smart, expansive strategy games, a mouse and keyboard probably come to mind. The PC is most often the home for all the best strategic titles, and right now, you can get a taste for Firaxis Games’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam.

The studio, founded by famed developer Sid Meier, has been working hard for years on this successor to the original PC darling. The first game tested gamers’ patience back in 1994, and while some accessibility has been added to widen the audience, this is still a true, faithful XCOM experience. Happily, the game’s almost here, and the current demo lets player experience two levels of the game’s single-player tutorial campaign. Consoles will be getting the demo soon, too, with the final game hitting retailers on October 9.

[youtube id=”0DdmHcJ4RrA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

What are your thoughts on this strategy title? Any love for the original game? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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