‘Resident Evil 6’ TGS trailer

 ‘Resident Evil 6’ TGS trailer

Capcom’s multi-campaign Resident Evil 6 releases next week. If any of you were at Tokyo Games Show 2012 recently, you saw the trailer Capcom released for their game. Now, the developer has the trailer up on the web for the rest of us. It’s like the TGS right in your living room, except for the Tokyo and Show parts.

Resident Evil 6 features four campaigns, starring different members across the entire franchise and delivering different moods and tones so that each campaign delivers a slightly different experience. This moody trailer gives you a taste of all of them, as well as some spoilers (so beware!), but I’ve got to admit, the trailer kind of gets me excited for the full game. I did not care for the demo, so we’ll see if the full game is any better.

Are you excited for the next chapter in Capcom’s horror franchise? Tell us below, or discuss your favorite Resident Evil game in the forums!

[youtube id=”ha–jltIFto” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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