‘NBA 2K13’ demo now available on Xbox 360 & PS3

With exactly a week to go until the release of NBA 2K13, 2K Sports has succesfully released a demo for their basketball simulation title.  The announcement was made yesterday, but the reality of playing the demo starts today.

The demo features the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Miami Heat, allowing you to play a 5-minute quarter to get a taste of the gameplay.  You’ll see a few changes to the brand new presentation and also be able try the brand new controls.

Not able to play the demo right now? Don’t worry, we recorded high definition gameplay for you to at least get a taste of it.  Continue viewing below for the gameplay of the NBA 2K13 demo.

You can queue up the demo for the Xbox 360 here to begin the download process.  Fans on the Playstation 3 will need to wait until later this afternoon for the Playstation Store to update.

If you’ve played the demo, what’s your opinion on the gameplay?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2K13 in our forums.

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