‘Mark of the Ninja’ sneaks onto Steam this October

 ‘Mark of the Ninja’ sneaks onto Steam this October

Klei Entertainment’s recent hit Mark of the Ninja had quite an effect on many reviewers, including our own Todd Schlickbernd. The developer is looking to continue this success with an upcoming Steam version, set to launch October 16th for $14.99.

Also, in a reassuring piece of dialogue, lead designer Nels Anderson told Rock Paper Shotgun,

I’m primarily a PC person myself, and I’m not okay in any way with this feeling like a shoddy port. It’s my intention that this is a full, proper version of the game in its own right

So, not only is the game coming to PC, it just may be possible to unleash your inner ninja with a keyboard and mouse. If you haven’t already played Mark of the Ninja, will this get you to break down and buy it? Let us know below or in the Stick Skills forums.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun
Via: Joystiq

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