Rumor: ‘Dust 514’ hitting PSN in October

 Rumor: ‘Dust 514’ hitting PSN in October

It may just be in beta right now, but it seems that Sony’s free-to-play shooter, Dust 514, will be launching on the PlayStation Network next month.

This piece of news was brought to IGN‘s attention by user Uzair Syed, who discovered an interesting video from Fox Business featuring Sony’ Jack Tretton. The Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO had plenty to say about the state of the video game industry, but when asked about free-to-play titles, it’s his comment about the upcoming Dust 514 that proved the most interesting.

No release date had been mentioned prior to the interview, but Tretton stated that this “full-blown first-person shooter” will be available next month. I guess since he’s the president, he can make those kind of announcements whenever he wants.

We’ll probably hear a more official announcement soon, but it looks like developer CCP’s massive shooter now has a date.

So, what do you think? Did Tretton spill the beans, or is he just misinformed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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