GameStop announces ‘Wii U Wait List’ programme, no longer offering pre-orders

 GameStop announces ‘Wii U Wait List’ programme, no longer offering pre-orders

Last week it became apparent that many large US retailers were running out of pre-order stock for the Wii U. Now, game retailing giant GameStop has gone on the record to make it known that no more consoles will be made available by them at launch. Instead, the ‘Wii U Wait List‘ programme has taken hold for those hoping to get their new console… sometime.

To be on the wait list, consumers must be a PowerUser Rewards member (which is a free membership upon request at all stores) however no specific timeframes can be given regarding an attainment.

Q: How long is the wait time after I am on the wait list?
A: While we cannot guarantee a specific date by which you will receive a Wii U system, we will provide monthly updates through the email address provided in your PowerUp Rewards profile. Please ensure that your email address and phone number are correct in your PowerUp Rewards profile by visiting PowerUpRewards.com.

The worrying part of that statement for most consumers should be the words “monthly updates.” If the ridiculously high demand and low supply of the original Wii’s launch is any indication, it could take up to close to a year before Wii U consoles will sit comfortably on store shelves at this point.

However, it should be noted that no word similar to these circumstances have been said from other regions regarding Wii U pre-orders. To be safe though, those looking into getting a console at launch should consider putting down a deposit and securing a unit just in case.

One thing’s for sure: Nintendo will be sleeping comfortably come November 18th.

Have/will you be securing a pre-order? Or are you holding out for that killer title? Hit us up below or over in our forum.

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