‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ single player trailer released

 ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ single player trailer released
As Criterion takes the reins on the Need for Speed series, gamers have been readying themselves for a good amount of change. The team that created the infamous Burnout  franchise and then proceeded to make a spiritual successor to one of the hottest Need for Speed games ever in Hot Pursuit has not slowed down at all. Having successfully created another title under the most widely known subtitle, the team has stepped up and is creating another title under a name that has previously been used. This time the developer is tackling Most Wanted, a launch title for the Xbox 360 and what is arguably the most popular title the franchise has released this generation of consoles (other than Hot Pursuit).
Don’t get us wrong though, Criterion has said that they “don’t make sequels to other developers titles,” holding the stance that these two titles are different enough from the original, to be Criterion’s own Need For Speed. In fact, this title sports an entirely different world than the original did. Welcome to Fairhaven City.

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