‘Remember Me’ video details its expansive combo system

 ‘Remember Me’ video details its expansive combo system

Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming Remember Me has shown some cool gameplay with its use of memory. Now we’re getting a better look inside its combo system and how the Combo Lab works. Check the video below.

The combo system is very expansive and has over 50,000 combinations to use. You’ll be able to customize them for power, regenerating health and cooldown functions. Entitled ‘Pressens’, you can mix and match and have combos that return health or overload enemies memories. You can even access special ones that deal mega damage to area damage towards everyone. If you just want to take control of robots for your personal gain, you can do that too! It’s pretty expansive and looks unique. Remember Me is shaping up to be a pretty cool new IP from Capcom.

What do you think? Is memory lame and remind you of Kingdom Hearts or does it look cool and futuristic? Sound off in the comments or post about the Robert Pattinson movie of the same name in our forums.

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