‘Halo 4’s’ Covenant weapons displayed in new video

Developer 343 had a pretty tall hurdle to jump when it came to the weapons in Halo 4. No matter how many times they’ve been altered or improved, gamers just have liked the Covenant arsenal as what the USNC has to offer.

“The Covenant weapons in Halo 4 presented us with an interesting design challenge,” the developers stated on the Halo 4 blog. “Traditionally, they haven’t been as popular as their UNSC counterparts, and they get much less use across the board.

While the desire to keep the weapons futuristic and alien has been just as important in Halo 4 as it has in any other Halo title, the team also wanted the players to, well, use the damn guns. That’s no easy task.

[youtube id=”Z4NLJpTXOtU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

A bunch of time was spent removing the shine and roundness of past Covenant weapons in order to make the tools feel like grounded, powerful pieces of equipment. The aesthetics have moved away from the toy-like look that plagued past games, but how they feel needed to be altered, too.

“We changed the weapon properties to make them better equivalents to UNSC weaponry. For example, the projectile speeds are drastically increased when the player uses them so that they are easier to hit targets but when AI fires them at the player, they are slower so that they are still fun to dodge.”

The fans will be the ones to make the final call, though. Sure, work has gone into making these less-popular guns a more viable option, but the real test will be the game’s November 6 release.

What do you think of the video? Are you convinced that you’ll be using that arsenal when the game launches? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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