‘Starhawk Multiplayer Edition’ coming to PSN

 ‘Starhawk Multiplayer Edition’ coming to PSN

If you just happened to miss out on Lightbox and Sony’s third-person, intergalactic shooter, Starhawk, you’ll be able to experience just the multiplayer components later this year via the PlayStation Network.

PSNStores found a listing for the online-only version of the game, and if it’s anything like what we saw with Killzone 3’s digital release, the core experience could be absolutely free. Guerrilla Games’ multiplayer version of Killzone 3 allowed players to experience all the thrill and spills of battle up to a certain level, and that type of model may just be what we see from Starhawk.

Are you missing much by not getting the campaign? Well, other than having a mostly mediocre narrative, the main draw of the single-player was that it prepared you for all the mechanics of the actual game. Tower defense, along with a slew of new vehicles, make Starhawk a bit more complex than its predecessor, but there will probably be additional content in the Multiplayer Edition to ease new players in.

If this is free, will you be checking out Starhawk? What price is too high for this content? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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