‘Dead or Alive 5’ on PSN on Day 1

 ‘Dead or Alive 5’ on PSN on Day 1

Much like Borderlands 2 yesterday, Dead or Alive 5 will be seeing a digital release on the PlayStation 3 the same day the physical copy releases on September 25, so you can go green and get BOOBS ON YO TV.

An important distinction here is that the 360 will actually not be seeing this digital release right away. Instead, it will arrive on the Marketplace three months after launch. Developer Team Ninja’s Tosuke Hayashi announced the news at Tokyo’s Team Ninja Night, and seemed to deny any sort of fault in the Microsoft delay, saying, “If you want it earlier, tell Microsoft.”

Either way, the physical copies will be releasing simultaneously on the 25th of this month for North America, and on September 28 for Europeans.

I’ll be honest, this game is shaping up to look kind of good, particularly the mayhem-filled stages. While I know that’s like saying Hooters is good for the wings, Team Ninja probably won’t care as long as we give them our money. Are you a DoA fan for any reason? Tell us about your favorite character or installment in the comments below, or discuss the game in our forums!

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