‘Resident Evil 6’ demo out now on XBLM

 ‘Resident Evil 6’ demo out now on XBLM

If Borderlands 2 just isn’t doing it for you this week, Capcom has you covered. A new Resident Evil 6 demo has shuffled on over to the Xbox Live Marketplace, and if you’re a Gold subscriber, you can download it right now.

Even if you weren’t too impressed with the zombie-filled gameplay that you saw after pre-ordering Dragon’s Dogma, it may be worth giving this demo a look. Capcom has promised the world that this is all new, original content, and with the final game releasing in just a few weeks, this may be the last time the game gets a chance to impress you.

Since it’s free, there’s really no harm in it. So, are you going to download the demo? Do you care about Resident Evil 6? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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