‘Just Cause 3’ will feature extremely realistic vehicles

 ‘Just Cause 3’ will feature extremely realistic vehicles

Developer Avalanche seeks to bring realism in its open world vehicles to a whole new level for the next installment in their ludicrous action franchise, Just Cause 3.

The company posted a job listing on its site earlier today looking for a vehicle designer. While not referring specifically to Just Cause 3, the description fits: “stunning vehicles in terms of handling, physics simulation and destruction rendition…delivering an over-the-top vehicle experience.”

The posting also mentions that the position will include designing and tuning “vehicles which extend far beyond traditional cars,” and that the game will be developed simultaneously on current- and next-gen systems. Anyone can apply, so if you happen to be a car designer, you can give it a shot.

Just Cause 3 will be awesome, and I will absolutely be picking it up. Is this your favorite flavor of mayhem? Tell us what you like about the series in the comments, or head over to our forums!

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