‘Dead Island Riptide’ receives a memorable CGI trailer

Dead Island was a title that many gamers thought would never truly see the light of day.  The very first trailer showcased a crowbar going into the skull of a zombie, and the game ultimately seemed to be hibernating after that point.

When the game finally did resurface, the CGI trailer that we were hit with was one of the most memorable trailers of all-time.  Dead Island began to trend on Twitter and just about everyone was analyzing the trailer and talking about it for the next few weeks.

While the first CGI trailer for Dead Island Riptide isn’t quite as memorable, that still doesn’t mean it won’t tug at your heart a bit.  Continue viewing below for the first trailer of Dead Island Riptide.

The trailer is great, but we didn’t pick out anything that hints towards new gameplay elements within the game.  Did you pick up on something we didn’t?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Dead Island Riptide in our forums.

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