‘Nights into Dreams…’ and ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ coming in October

 ‘Nights into Dreams…’ and ‘Sonic Adventure 2’ coming in October

Exciting news for people who’s Dreamcasts and Saturns are running on empty. Sega has announced the release date for both Sonic Adventure 2 and Nights into dreams… and they’re on the same day! PSN users will see both releases on October 2 while XBLA fans will see the game on October 5, $10 or 800 MSP depending on your prowess.

Sonic Adventure 2 will also see some DLC in the form of a Battle Mode. Players will get more characters, maps and Chao Karate because…that just sounds plain cool, it’ll cost you $3 or 240 MSP. But the best news for Nights into dreams… fans is included for free will be Christmas Nights. Only available through special offers and magazine promotions like with Ultra Game Players.

I’m so looking forward to this, especially having Christmas Nights for free. What do you think? Will you pick up these heralded classics or will you clamor for something else? Let us know in the dream world…er…comments below or post about how Crisis City Zone has great music in our forums.

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