‘Dishonored’ song ‘The Drunken Whaler’ released with a remix contest

 ‘Dishonored’ song ‘The Drunken Whaler’ released with a remix contest

Similar to what Assassin’s Creed: Revelations did last year, Bethesda has released a free MP3 called ‘The Drunken Whaler’ which ultimately sounds better than a drunk sailor. You might have heard it from this year’s E3 trailer. Creepy yet toe-tapping since such a thing definitely exists and you can download it for free.

But even better yet, they’ve also announced a remix contest to go with it. Be as creative as you want from a techno beat to smooth jazz. The most original one will win a copy of the game but make sure to get it in before the contest closes on September 28. You can find all the details here on the official remix website.

You think you’re going to enter this contest? Post your songs in the forums to share with the rest of the community as long as it’s not super creepy. Dishonored hits October 9.

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