Prepare for ‘Halo 4’ with these lore-changing Halo: Cryptum & Halo: Glasslands spoilers

 Prepare for ‘Halo 4’ with these lore-changing Halo: Cryptum & Halo: Glasslands spoilers
  •  UNSC AIs are created by donated brains.

This isn’t that far from what one would expect, but something unexpected is how Cortana came about. Dr. Halsey actually cloned herself and then used that clone’s brain to transform herself into an AI. If this knowledge was to ever get out, there would likely be even more backfire against ONI, who’s already found itself having to deal with the Insurrectionist threat once again now that the war has ended.

  • The Halo rings were created by the builders of the Forerunner society.

Forerunner society was split into two different “factions.” The builders were responsible for building their civilization up and keeping things working. Ironically, they also created the Halo rings, devices created to act as a last resort in the war against the Flood. Each of these rings was decorated and populated with life from planets the Forerunners had overrun, a choice made by the Librarian. When test firing the constructs the Forerunners obliterated all life within light-years of the construct. A choice which caused great turmoil when the Didact was awakened from his cryptum.

  • The Shield Worlds were created by the Didact.

While the Prometheans may still be defending the Shield Worlds from what we’ve seen of Halo 4 so far, the Didact was the one who attempted to create another answer to the Flood, and a peaceful one at that. Towards the end of their reign, the Forerunners began to war over these two creations, causing a massive rift in their population.

These Shield Worlds are supposedly safe from the affects of the Halo Rings as they’re actually contained inside a slipspace bubble. Inside this bubble is another bubble which can turn hours into days. Built to sustain life for an extraordinary amount of time while chaos reigns outside, these worlds were a last ditch effort for the Forerunners.

Little is known about Requiem, the planet Master Chief finds himself on, however, Onyx was far from complete as the Engineers were still awaiting the return of their masters, the Forerunners. A vehicle cache was found by Halsey on Onyx which contained technology samples with the ability to give their users pinpoint accurate slipspace jumps, something the brass at ONI was pretty excited about.

  • The orb in the Halo 4 trailer is a cryptum.

According to the Halo lore, cryptums are built for high ranking warrior-servants. These warriors were known to go into self-imposed exile as punishment for failure or dishonor. The Forerunners would be encased in a type of liquid similar to the Human’s cryo-sleep. Upon awakening, the subject would find themselves very week and would require a good amount of time to recuperate before being able to return to duty. The one encountered by the ancient humans was heavily defended by walking towers capable of incinerating anything that posed a threat to the subject.

  • The Halo 4 trailer contains the Didact’s symbol.

The Didact, whom we come to know through Halo: Cryptum is the supreme commander of the Forerunner military. His knowledge is passed down through the ages as the Forerunners require  a mentor as they are “evolved” to the next stage of their existence. How many times this is done various by professional and birthright. However, the more this is done, the more delicate and refined the Forerunner becomes. When the Didact became aware of his coming demise, he imprinted part of his knowledge onto Bornstellar, the main character in Cryptum, who essentially became the Didact himself.

  • Humans have set foot on Sangheliosk, as have the Elites set foot on Earth.

It’s finally happened. The war has ended and a truce has been set in motion. Due to tensions, it’s a rather rocky truce, but a truce nonetheless. The question is, how long will it last? Despite the fact that both species have now visited each other’s planets, nothing is guarenteed. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is attempting to help a Sangheili uprising while those same Elites wish to see the end of the Human race.

Our return to Halo is sure to be an interesting one. How many of these facts will be “announced” in the Halo 4 campaign? 343 Industries has said that they’re incorporating more important story reveals with this trilogy. One thing’s for sure; the books have done a lot to supplement my excitement for the Forerunner trilogy. For me, the lore matters more than anything else. Mystery and wonder are a hell of a motivator.

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