Catch the Wii U event liveblog right here

 Catch the Wii U event liveblog right here

Looking forward to hearing about the Wii U details today? Thought the announced specs from Japan’s Nintendo Direct looked alright? In New York today, Nintendo’s finally letting the cat out of the bag and Stick Skills are reporting on the insides of that bag.

What do we expect to hear? A launch date, a price point and whatever they already announced in the livestream in Japan but for our ears! The could announce some new games, accessories or anything crazy…probably not a new F-Zero though. Check out the liveblog below! It’ll go live at 9:45 AM EST with the event happening at 10 AM EST.

What do you expect to hear? What do you want the most? Do you want Miyamoto dressed up like Link again? Follow the blog and let us know in the comments or forums on what you think of this Nintendo event.

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