Big announcement coming for ‘Madden NFL 13’

 Big announcement coming for ‘Madden NFL 13’

While Madden NFL 13 has been off to a great start so far, fans have voiced quite a few frustrations in the mode.  While EA has been rather public and up-front about these same issues leading up to the launch of the game, fans are still demanding certain things are patched in.

Speaking exclusively to Ripten, Josh Looman of the Madden development team has teased that a rather “shocking” announcement will be made within the next two days for Madden NFL 13.  Even better, Looman was mentioned as saying that the announcement would be available sooner rather than later.

Looking at the interviews that Looman conducted for the game, the most likely feature to be patched in is the ability to edit players in the Connected Careers mode.  While players are able to be edited in play now, any changes you make will not carry over to the Connected Careers mode.

Fans have been rather vocal to have this feature patched in as issues with duplicate players numbers from free agent signings or trades have popped up.  Giving players the ability to edit names, jersey numbers, and equipment will satisfy quite a bit of the thirsty Madden fans taking over message boards across the internet.

What do you think the “shocking” feature will be that Looman and his team announce?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Madden NFL 13 in our forums.

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