Xbox 720 tech would turn rooms into 3D environments

 Xbox 720 tech would turn rooms into 3D environments

With the next generation of consoles comes new technology.  While the industry appears to be rather close to the announcement of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, speculation is at an all-time high for features and technology.

Thanks to CVG, a patent has been discovered that showcases groundbreaking technology from Microsoft.  Holograms have been long wished for by gamers, and the combination of technology that Microsoft is working on could make that theoretically happen.

The device, recognized in the patent as “environmental display”, would project a 360-degree game environment across each wall in a room using “advanced projection technology”.  The device would also feature a 3D-depth camera that would register where the player is within the room to help adjust the environment.

A Kinect Glasses technology has been long rumored, and the patent references that technology to be used as well.  The use of this technology with the Kinect Glasses could essentially allow players to interact with 3D holograms within their room.

It’s an intriguing concept, and this may be far further advanced than what most had anticipated for the next generation of systems.  What’s your overall take on the proposed patent?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below or discuss the Xbox 720 in our forums.

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