‘Dishonored’ looks into immersion in its second Developer Diary

 ‘Dishonored’ looks into immersion in its second Developer Diary

Dishonored from Bethesda and Arkane Studios is only a month away and the train of hype this game is getting keeps rolling. From the first developer diary looking more into the how the game was made, this new diary looks more into how the world was created.

To get a better sense of the immersion going into this title, you’ll see more about the time frame, the architecture that went into this game and what kind of living, breathing world Dunwall encapsulates. Closer to the end, you’ll meet some of the voice talent that went into the game with such stars at John Slattery and Carrie “I did other movies besides Star Wars” Fisher.

This game continues to look hot and waiting until October 9 isn’t that far away luckily, What do you think of this diary? Let us know in the comments or add in cat pictures through our forums.

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