Valve releases Steam’s Big Picture mode today

 Valve releases Steam’s Big Picture mode today

For PC gamers, Steam has become more of a necessity than a matter of preference in recent years.  Valve has continued to deliver more options and a better level of accessibility than the other alternatives that the gaming crowd has been presented.

Taking the word “accessibility” to a whole different level, Valve has announced that Steam’s Big Picture mode will go live today.   The mode will be in beta when it launches and is currently only available for Windows.  A Mac beta is set to go live in the coming weeks, however.

Valve has reformatted Steam to work with incredible ease on your television thanks to Big Picture mode.  By simply connecting your PC to your television via an HDMI cable, you’re able to use Steam in a much more easy to navigate format and bring your friends to a new room in your house.

Valve mentions in their video, which we included above, that the interface is designed to be navigated with a controller but still works with a keyboard and mouse.  Browsing your favorite websites and even typing with the Daisywheel has never seemed simpler from the comfort of your living room.

What’s your overall opinion of Big Picture mode?  Have you had the chance to try it out in your living room yet?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Steam in our forums.

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