New alien infested screenshots released for ‘Black Mesa Source’

 New alien infested screenshots released for ‘Black Mesa Source’

The long-awaited remake of the original Half LifeBlack Mesa Source, will finally be released to the public this Friday the 14th. The news came from a forum post by the mod’s project lead, and it’s worth noting that Xen will not be included in this original release. We’ll have to wait for the last section of the game, but it is in development. In celebration of this announcement, the team also released a slew of screenshots showing off the updated visuals, which can be found below.

Anyone interested in seeing this become a full Steam release should check out the mod’s Greenlight page and vote. What do you think of Black Mesa’s look? Are you still interested in playing it after eight long years of development? Let us know below or over in the Stick Skills forums.

Source: CVG
Via: VG24/7

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