Games industry analysts fear the worst for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U conference

 Games industry analysts fear the worst for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U conference

With Nintendo’s upcoming conference in New York this September 13, it’s safe to say that all gaming eyes will be on the Big N. However, the day before is anticipated worldwide as the day the new iPhone will likely see an official announcement (along with the hugely rumoured iPad Mini). So… why does this matter?

As GamesIndustry.biz reports, PR reps across the tech world are showing concern of these closely tied announcements. Particularly because Nintendo hasn’t done much to hype up their new home console, which just so happens to be the first step in the next generation of video games. This, along with technology behemoth Apple unveiling their next generation of smart phone, could spell trouble for Nintendo, as the mainstream media may trend a bigger focus on the iPhone rather than the Wii U. And given the minimal mainstream recognition the Wii U currently has in comparison to such a huge brand as the iPhone, Nintendo could be missing out on some very much needed publicity.

One PR rep was quoted saying:

The veteran exec continued, “It seems that Nintendo does not think of Apple as a true competitor, and they seem to be relying on the fact that their intense focus and disregard of the rest of the market will prevail again. It’s interesting Nintendo is doing their press event in New York; that feels like a statement of appealing to the mainstream press, the mass market (as opposed to Silicon Valley or the game developers). But Apple is already mainstream and doesn’t really need that, of course. It’s possible Nintendo believes reporters who cover interactive, games and tech will simply cover both events, and since they don’t seem to really think they are in the same business as Apple, they may be surprised.”

However, things may not be as bad as some are making out. When you break it down, both devices aren’t really occupying the same market/audiences. Another rep has gone on to state the following:

“This might be a case of different vibes for different tribes. The iPhone launch will surely get coverage on game sites, but at the end of the day it’s a smartphone. It’ll get launch coverage and a follow up piece or two to have its hardware dissected. With the Wii U, we’re getting the first next gen console. I think with game press and for the people who religiously follow game news, they’ll get their fill of Wii U coverage.”

One of the reasons why the original Wii was such a runaway success soon after launch, was its widespread praise by word of mouth. Grandma and grandpa/mum and dad/aunty and uncle came over one night, tried out Wii Sports and immediately had a blast. Who’s to say we won’t see the same happen with the Wii U?

The entire article is an interesting read and perspective from industry experts, which can be found here.

Where do you sit on this issue? Will the Wii U be fine? Or will it be hideously overshadowed by Apple’s pocket-sized iDevices? Hit us up below or over in our forum.

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