‘FIFA 13’ demo hitting all platforms tomorrow

 ‘FIFA 13’ demo hitting all platforms tomorrow

Everyone’s favorite soccer franchise is approaching its 2012 release date, but fans of both nets and balls won’t have to wait much longer to get a taste of this year’s improvements. The FIFA 13 demo will be hitting XBLM, PC and PSN tomorrow.

The timing across platforms is a little silly, but here goes nothing. You’ll first see it on Live between 10am and 2pm (UK time), which is ahead of its release on PlayStation Network between 10pm and 2am (UK time) but somehow after the PC demo release at 9am (UK time). A little screwy, but what’s important is that it’s almost here. The EA Sports official Twitter account revealed the teams that will be playable in the demo, too.

That’s five teams for the fantastic price of absolutely nothing, so even if you’re not planning on picking up this year’s FIFA, there’s no harm in downloading the demo.

So, will you be spending your time tomorrow living out your greatest soccer dreams? Have you been following FIFA 13? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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