2K Sports release a new ‘NBA 2K13’ gameplay trailer

 2K Sports release a new ‘NBA 2K13’ gameplay trailer

Over the past few years, 2K Sports has delivered an incredible experience with their NBA 2K series.  From authentic animations to the Jordan Challenge, the team behind NBA 2K has put in a great amount of work.

Today, 2K Sports have released their official gameplay trailer for NBA 2K13 dubbed “Momentous”.  You’ll see Jason Terry in his Celtics uniform doing his signature “Jet” motion as well as a ton of other authentic set pieces that capture the NBA action to near perfection.

Continue viewing below for the latest gameplay trailer for NBA 2K13.

If you’re excited from the trailer, be sure to check out the official player ratings that 2K Sports has revealed for NBA 2K13 so far.  We’ll continue to update the list over the next few weeks as more ratings are revealed.

What do you think about the new gameplay?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2k13 in our forums.

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