‘Mark of the Ninja’ scrolls & challenge locations guide

Mark of the Ninja isn’t all about sneaking and stabbing, as there are also 36 scrolls to be collected accompanied by delightful haikus. If you’re not much of a searcher or a collector, we’ve got all of the scrolls locations as well as the challenge rooms neatly packaged into a four-part video series for your viewing pleasure.

Getting all of the scrolls and challenges will net you the Haiku and Of the Mind achievements and is required for the Marked achievement. Due to the length of the challenge rooms, we’ve sectioned each video into four levels, the first of which you can find below.

[youtube id=”E1jZP6Prbf0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

There are more to come, so if the levels you’re missing aren’t out yet, check back for the next part of our series. Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our Exploring Curiosity and Expansion Pack video series on our YouTube channel. If you’ve picked up Mark of the Ninja and want to talk about it, why not head on down to our forums?

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