‘Forza Horizon’ receives first vidoc

 ‘Forza Horizon’ receives first vidoc

Turn 10’s Forza series is set to receive a major overhaul in terms of gameplay and environment. After four installments, Turn 10 seeks to broaden their audience and take on the competition with a host of features, detailed in a new video.

Forza: Horizon will move the game from real life-inspired set tracks and into a dynamic living world with traffic, aircraft, and ambient details such as wind turbines and cities. Turn 10 refers to this as “racing against the world”. Of course, Forza’s trademark exhaustive detail appears to still be present as well. If the series continues along the same path as the previous games, Horizon should once again feature an insane amount of customization.

Check out the video below, where members of Turn 10 detail some of the new things they are bringing to their game, and what gamers can expect to do in this new playground. Forza: Horizon releases October 23 for the Xbox 360.

[youtube id=”FMXLXnbXHqU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Given the new features being implemented by Turn 10, are you planning on picking up this game? Sound off in the comments or discuss your favorite vehicles in our forums!

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