Capcom teases ‘Lost Planet 3’ multiplayer

 Capcom teases ‘Lost Planet 3’ multiplayer

Earlier today Capcom released an image teasing the multiplayer portion of their third-person arctic shooter Lost Planet 3.

Now, I’m not a very big fan of the series, but this image actually intrigues me, and I’d be curious to know what is coming in the multiplayer aspect of Lost Planet 3. I seem to remember the multiplayer of the second game being all right, for the few minutes that I played it. I may have to give this a rental, since, to be fair, I’ve only put significant time into the single player of the original.

In addition to apparently improved multiplayer, the third installment of Capcom’s popular science fiction series appears to be more horror-oriented and less “shoot the orange glowing thing”, which might be just what the series needs.


Are you a Lost Planet fan? Given the changes coming to this third installment, what are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments or discuss the series in our forums!

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