‘Joe Danger’ Gets Big Discount Before ‘The Movie’ Releases

 ‘Joe Danger’ Gets Big Discount Before ‘The Movie’ Releases

Excited for next week’s Xbox Live Marketplace release of Joe Danger 2: The Movie? Well, you should be, but the original title is currently just 600MSP points if you want to educate yourself on the aging stuntman.

The life of a stuntman is full of danger, but the tribulations that Joe has to endure wes a bit extreme. This side-scrolling racer uses spikes, big loops and tall ramps to add excitement to each track, while hindrances like conveyor belts and giant boxing gloves create fantastically funny multiplayer moments. Anyone with an appreciation of Excitbike really can’t help but appreciate the backflips and big air Joe achieves, and while no jet packs or skis found their way into this first game, the fluidity of the bike controls is reason enough to download the title.

So, if you haven’t yet, you should probably hop on live and take advantage of the deal. You only have a week until The Movie launches.

Did you get a chance to play the original Joe Danger? If so, are you excited for his next appearance? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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